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A History of the Congregation of Our Lady Late 16th Century The universe is expanding, our view of the world is changing, and the human race now has a different view of itself The Council of Trent has just been concluded. An important new movement of spiritual renewal is sweeping through the Church. This is … Lire la suite

Founders – en

Founders Pierre Fourier, Alix Le Clerc… …two great spiritual leaders, grasped and awoken by God to the true situation of their times!   Although they seemed to have lived very different lives, their experience of God was expressed in the same intuition, a very vivid awareness of the realism of the Incarnation. Through their intimate … Lire la suite

Saint Augustin En

Saint Augustine : a life in search of truth Keep walking on the way ! With his fervent desire to know himself and understand the purpose of his life, Augustine is very much like other human beings, of the 21st century or any century, asking questions about happiness, evil, good, love … His life was … Lire la suite

Nation Belgium

Belgium Our Congregation in Belgium École Notre-Dame de Jupille The origins of our Congregation in Belgium are threefold: Jupille (founded by Trier – Germany) in 1878; La Hulpe (grew out of Roule – Brussels) and Berlaymont (merged with Jupille in 1939). It continued to develop around the world through a combination of the Sisters’ inspiration … Lire la suite

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Great Britain Congregation of Our Lady in Great Britain. Menu About us Where we are Associates Assembly Snapshots About us France 1904 : The Felix Combes laws forbade religious from continuing teaching so instead of simply giving up Les Oiseaux school, Paris, migrated to Westgate on the south coast of England whilst at the same … Lire la suite

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Hungary Hungary Group. Menu History Our schools Round table History Why and how did a community of Sisters of Our Lady appear in Zalaergerszeg? Its origins lie on the one hand with political events in France, and on the other with a request by the Bishop of Székesfehérvár in Hungary. After the law was passed … Lire la suite

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France Congregation of Our Lady in France. Menu • In the footsteps of St Pierre Fourier • The festive season • Looking for meaning • Newsflash from St Etienne • Laudato Si • International Meetingof CND Associates In the footsteps of Saint Pierre Fourier The festive season The festive season is a favourable time to … Lire la suite

Go, make Him grow

“Go, make Him grow” ‘…our desire as religious and educators is to promote the development and growth of the whole person and to make our contribution to the recognition of each person’s dignity. In all we do we want to encourage the growth of community.’ we try within our limitations and with respect for our … Lire la suite


CADHAC Sr Consuelo Morales founded CADHAC (Ciudadano en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos – Citizens Campaigning for Human Rights) in 1993 in response to the urgent need to defend and promote the basic human rights of men and women. Today its work is more relevant than ever in Mexico. Interview with Consuelo Morales The situation … Lire la suite