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École Notre-Dame de Jupille

The origins of our Congregation in Belgium are threefold: Jupille (founded by Trier – Germany) in 1878; La Hulpe (grew out of Roule – Brussels) and Berlaymont (merged with Jupille in 1939).

It continued to develop around the world through a combination of the Sisters’ inspiration and historical events: in 1906, the Belgian Sisters travelled to Brazil to create a new foundation, and in 1940 to Congo.

Today the Congregation operates in Brussels, Liège and Loupoigne. Eighteen Sisters live in community or in private accommodation according to the needs of their apostolate. The community at l’Olivier houses our elderly Sisters, who keep up to date with events around the world.

Three schools are run in the spirit of the Congregation: La Hulpe, Jupille and Berlaymont. They seek to form young people who can contribute to the development of a supportive and pluralist society, open to other cultures, who will engage and take a lead in the society of the future.

The Sisters’ work involves helping women in difficulty, supporting prisoners and hosting foreign students.

We have a large and active group of Associates in Belgium. They meet every other month and form friendships with Associates distributed around other countries.


Is., Mijo, Stéph et Liliane


Cécile, Liliane, et Marie-Anne

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