Sr Consuelo Morales founded CADHAC (Ciudadano en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos – Citizens Campaigning for Human Rights) in 1993 in response to the urgent need to defend and promote the basic human rights of men and women. Today its work is more relevant than ever in Mexico.

Interview with Consuelo Morales

The situation in Mexico is very worrying, with drug cartels fighting for control of territory, violent intervention by the army, drugs, extortion, human and organ trafficking…
In the middle of all this, what are we doing?
– We support families of the disappeared to help them move from fear to action and demand an investigation
– We study the law and the judicial system to help others understand
– We work with the Public Prosecutor to investigate every case of disappearance
– We organise sessions for families where they can talk and pray to off-load some of their worries and this helps them continue with life

At the heart of this situation which can leave you feeling helpless, where do you find joy and hope ?
– When I see mothers searching for their children without losing hope
– When I watch a young child growing up despite the fact that his or her father has disappeared
– When I see ordinary people better informed than their Deputies and explaining to them where things stand and what the possibilities are
– When I see the law changing to favour the poorest
– When I am given the privilege of supporting these people in their struggle for truth and freedom

When I am ‘low’, I pray more… I am low because I have forgotten that God is there and that he has a message for me in the midst of this difficulty.

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