Go, make Him grow

“Go, make Him grow”

‘…our desire as religious and educators is to promote the development and growth of the whole person and to make our contribution to the recognition of each person’s dignity. In all we do we want to encourage the growth of community.’

we try within our limitations and with respect for our different cultures, to help our societies grow towards greater justice, truth, fellowship and peace, in accordance with the Creator’s plan for the world.

Our mission is to the whole world, and it is our desire that by following Alix’s inspiration we may continue to be creative in pioneering new paths.

We all take part in this mission, whatever our age, our state of health or our abilities, and we interpret life together in the light of the Gospel. There we find the revelation of the Holy Spirit showing which choice to make so that “the Good News may be preached to the poor.”

(extracts from the Constitutions 1984, Apostolic Life #5 & 6)

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