Project2018- Faith education of 700 young people around the new Sisters settlement in Dak Nong (Vietnam)

Faith education of 700 young people

around the new Sisters settlement in Dak Nong (Vietnam)

Dak Nong Province is situated in the highlands of M’Nông in western Vietnam. Being so far away from the economic boom of the great cities of Vietnam, the local population enjoys only a very modest standard of living. Incomes are very low while the cost of living is high. People live mostly in the forests on the mountainside. They do supply work for businesses harvesting coffee, pepper, cashew nuts. They catch snakes which they then sell in order to buy rice. There are several ethnic minorities living here, with different languages and customs. Their young people are prevented from attending Vietnamese schools because it is so difficult for them to achieve the high level of Vietnamese required. That is why many children leave school, often before secondary.

The Sisters of the Congregation settled in Dak Nong four years ago, with the dual mission of providing both a global and a religious education: offering literacy courses for women, catch-up classes for primary and secondary pupils, visiting villages still living in abject poverty, sharing gifts they received of rice, oil and milk … But also running catechism classes and choirs in the parishes, Bible study classes, and training courses for catechists twice a year.

Aim of the project : in 2018, the Sisters plan to organise days away for 700 young people aged between 6 and 15, and for 120 young volunteers who have signed up for the catechism classes but who have not yet received any formation. These outings will include activity days to provide an introduction to faith, and preparation for catechism and the sacraments. The Sisters will need catechism books and Bibles, as well as the funds to cover all the other costs of organising these away days.

Total funding requested : 2 760 €

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