Exchange of cultures Brazil

Crossing cultures …
live the dimensions of the world :

17 youth schools in France back in Brazil after an experience in the heart of a neighborhood Juazeiro.
To you to read what they are saying!

Our experience in Brazil was incredible and so enriching.

Day by day we grew ever more amazed.

We were very warmly welcomed by the host families, the Sisters of the Congregation and the entire staff of both schools.

Every day we learned from the children of Poço de Jaco and Semeador the true meaning of the words
love, joy, patience, imagination, creativity, sharing.

Every evening we got together with the local children and shared laughter, stories, games and music.

It is just as good spending time together flying kites as playing France-Brazil football matches.

We learned a lot by being with them. This project has allowed us to understand that true wealth, which unites all mankind, is to be found in our hearts..

The Sisters of the Congregation are very open-minded and showed us a
new way of living our faith by serving others.

NWe returned to France feeling transformed, enriched, more aware of the world around us and with a stronger faith.

We thank God :

• for this wonderful experience which has opened our eyes to the world,
• for the care we were shown,
• for the heart-warming openness and joy of the children,
• for the faith which unites and drives us.

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