Establishing a schools’ network in Democratic Rep. of Congo

Training sessions for teachers & heads

Until recently, the various private or subsidised schools of the Congo Vicariate operated more or less independently of each other. The Sisters decided to establish a system of networking between them, to help them become stronger and more reliable, and to ensure they all provided a coordinated approach to education, and remained true to the Congregation’s charism. A project was set up to train teachers in new teaching methods, thus allowing them all to develop the same skills, no matter where they taught.

Sharing teaching practices.

Sister Christine Lunda, schools network coordinator, is overseeing the organisation of four seminars for this current year, targeting 18 head teachers and 92 teachers, who look after around 5000 pupils in total

These training courses will include redeployment and training of primary teachers, with evaluation sessions and school visits, training of secondary teachers, with sessions in French and maths, joint school celebrations of the Founders, and school management training for head teachers and their deputies.

Total funding requested: 14300 €

A school canteen
for O Semeador School, Juazeiro, Brazil

(Juazeiro, Brésil)

O Semeador School started in 1988 as an educational centre for socially vulnerable children on the outskirts of Juazeiro do Norte (Nord-Est region, Brazil), an area with 270 000 inhabitants. Today the school takes 280 children aged between 2 and 8 from families with very low incomes, most of whom receive their education free of charge. The school employs 10 teachers and 16-17 other salaried staff, and over a dozen specialised activity group leaders, for the other activities which involve over 600 children and adults

Project description: construction of a new dining room which can hold, over two sittings, the 280 school children who currently have their meals in classrooms. Building work will include construction of a building of 156m², comprising a Dining Room (114 m²), kitchen (23.45 m²) and other access areas such as the pavement and balcony.

Total funding requested : 47 500 €


Sr Consuelo Morales founded CADHAC (Ciudadano en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos - Citizens Campaigning for Human Rights) in 1993 in response to the urgent need to defend and promote the basic human rights of men and women. Today its work is more relevant than ever in Mexico.

Interview with Consuelo Morales

The situation in Mexico is very worrying, with drug cartels fighting for control of territory, violent intervention by the army, drugs, extortion, human and organ trafficking...
In the middle of all this, what are we doing?
- We support families of the disappeared to help them move from fear to action and demand an investigation
- We study the law and the judicial system to help others understand
- We work with the Public Prosecutor to investigate every case of disappearance
- We organise sessions for families where they can talk and pray to off-load some of their worries and this helps them continue with life

At the heart of this situation which can leave you feeling helpless, where do you find joy and hope ?
- When I see mothers searching for their children without losing hope
- When I watch a young child growing up despite the fact that his or her father has disappeared
- When I see ordinary people better informed than their Deputies and explaining to them where things stand and what the possibilities are
- When I see the law changing to favour the poorest
- When I am given the privilege of supporting these people in their struggle for truth and freedom
When I am ‘low’, I pray more… I am low because I have forgotten that God is there and that he has a message for me in the midst of this difficulty.

"Go, make Him grow"

‘…our desire as religious and educators is to promote the development and growth of the whole person and to make our contribution to the recognition of each person’s dignity. In all we do we want to encourage the growth of community.’

we try within our limitations and with respect for our different cultures, to help our societies grow towards greater justice, truth, fellowship and peace, in accordance with the Creator’s plan for the world.

Our mission is to the whole world, and it is our desire that by following Alix’s inspiration we may continue to be creative in pioneering new paths.

We all take part in this mission, whatever our age, our state of health or our abilities, and we interpret life together in the light of the Gospel. There we find the revelation of the Holy Spirit showing which choice to make so that “the Good News may be preached to the poor.”

(extracts from the Constitutions 1984, Apostolic Life #5 & 6)

Pray today

Do watch this short video of humming birds: imagine that you are one of them & that the Creator is inviting you to sip the nectar, food for your soul, and without realising it, wherever you go, you spread the pollen that feeds our world.

Madonna with child - Presentation to the Magi

“Let us make active nonviolence our way of life (…)
Jesus himself lived in violent times. Yet he taught that
the true battlefield, where violence and peace meet,
is the human heart: (…)
Whoever accepts the Good News of Jesus is able to
acknowledge the violence within and be healed by
God’s mercy, becoming in turn an instrument of
reconciliation. In the words of Saint Francis of Assisi:
“As you announce peace with your mouth, make sure
that you have greater peace in your hearts”.”

Pope Francis’ New Year Message 2017
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