Projet2017- Equipping a new classroom at Viet Anh School in Da Teh


Equipping a new classroom at Viet Anh School in Da Teh

Viet-Anh Primary School is situated in the Montagnard district of Da Teh (Lam Dong) around 160 km from Saigon. Many people from ethnic minorities live here, often in highly deprived circumstances, socially and financially.

Fr Paul Duong, the parish priest who founded this school in 2012, invited the Sisters of Our Lady in August 2015 to take over the running of the School which has 4 classrooms and a Boarding House for boarders.

One year on, the four Sisters who came to settle there were able to assess the considerable obstacles faced by the “montagnards” (members of ethnic minorities): they would have to drop their studies too soon, they were too far from home (some had as much as 50 km to walk or cycle), and in financial difficulty (families had great trouble covering school fees, even with substantial discounts).

In order to be able to take on more pupils despite their lack of funds, the Sisters are seeking financial support to equip one additional classroom (teaching board and materials).

Total funding requested: 1100 €

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