Projet2017- Continuation of educational programme with the “montagnards” in Da Lat


Continuation of educational programme with the “montagnards” in Da Lat

The Vietnam Vicariate is once again appealing for financial help to pursue its project in Da Lat. The former School of Our Lady of Lang Bian (Da Lat), now a state school, has a roll of 500 young people from ethnic minorities (the “montagnard” regions of Lam Dong, 300 km from Saigon). 20% of the young people there are Catholic and boarding.

Recently the Director agreed to allow the Sisters to provide guidance for students, including non-Christians, in spiritual, personal and intellectual development. Since then, the community has expanded its apostolic work not only with school students but also with deprived young people in the local area.

They would like to organise activity sessions in music, reading, baking, flower arranging, and also career guidance. For this, however, they will require books, salaries for teachers and invited speakers, and funding to provide meals, especially breakfast.

Total funding requested: : 5770 €

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