Projet2017- Congo (DRC): founding of Saint Peter Fourier School in “Joli Site” (Kolwezi)

Congo RDC

Founding of Saint Peter Fourier School in “Joli Site” (Kolwezi)

The Sisters of the Congo Vicariate had noticed a while back that a new residential district was being established on the outskirts of Kolwezi, and had purchased some plots of land there with a view to establishing a school. At the very start of 2016 they used their own funds to start construction work on the first 7 classrooms of what is now known as the Peter Fourier School, a private school belonging to the Congregation.

Teachers were then appointed and the School opened last September with around 60 pupils. The Sisters plan to add many more classrooms over the coming years.

But for now the priority is to secure the remaining funds needed to cover this first stage of building work, and to erect a fence ensuring the children’s safety.

Total funding requested = 154 000 €

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