Community Phuc Xa (Dong Nai province)

Activities during the coronavirus pandemic:

When the pandemic is getting worse, it’s time for us to lay our faith on the Almighty’s power. That’s the reason why we need to pray more as a therapy for the world these days. With a great trust in God, our community pray daily the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00 p.m.

As a response to the appeal of Pope Francis, we took turn to adore the Eucharist in 22nd and 23rd of March. What is left after the pandemic? For our sisters, it’s a colorful garden as a gift from God.

Retreat for members of Associate:

In this Lent, members in the Associate retreated in the Chapel of Phuc Xa Community. With the instruction of two sisters, they had time to be with God, prepare their soul for the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Community Kim Son (North Viet Nam)

This  Lent  was  very  special:  people  feared of the virus corona. The message from our Pope invited the Christians towards the pascal mystery through “the urgent repentance” and conversion… It is really cold in Kim Son. Some students still come to study with us.  The parish’s catechism activities are still going well.

However, the Covid  19  has affected to our lives.  We  constantly received  emergency,  fire – speed  reports  to  adjust  and  adapt  to  new situation. At home, we stopped teaching the extra –class. Then the masses with many people were also suspended. In our  community,  besides  caring  for  the  garden, spending  time  for  sharing together, we pray  daily  the Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday, adore the Eucharist to pray for the world, for our Pope, our Congregation and the doctors…

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