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Chères Soeurs, Nous sommes bien en union avec vous toutes et partout. Chez nous, pour le moment, tout le monde va bien. Nous avons décidé de partager chaque semaine les nouvelles de quelques individus. Pour débuter, voici Gabriel et Marie Claude qui partagent comment elle continuent de poursuivre leur travail de psychothérapie dans le confinement:


“Thanks to wonderful technology (WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom) we are both able to continue “seeing” our clients more or less at their usual times, actually more rather than less owing to the difficult times they are all experiencing. Three of them are ill with the virus, one is the mother of five children, the youngest of whom is only 8 months old. Others who live alone are suffering greatly from the isolation compounded with anxiety about their future ( jobs, etc.) One, a religious in a Care Home, has lost six sisters and many of their residents have died from the virus. Some are far away from their family and country of origin. No one is unaffected by Covid-19. We are privileged to be able to offer them spiritual as well as psychological help. We entrust them all to the Risen Lord in our prayers together and at the daily Mass we attend livestreamed from Westminster Cathedral.”

Union fraternelle et “love to all”, 

Jenny et vos soeurs de GB



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