do Rego Freitas de Toledo

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do Rego Freitas de Toledo

Soeur Maria Helena do Rego Freitas de Toledo


• 27/1/1927• 27/1/1927+ 11/1/2020

  1. M. Helena died on the 11th January after a long illness.

She entered in Sao Paulo in 1937, a serious, affectionate person, happy and sure of her life choices. She was open hearted both to her sisters and to the world.

She did her noviciate at Jupille. Later she became headmistress, superior, Vicar, general councillor, and regional.

She studied philosophy, and was a deep thinker, but did not really participate in intellectual discussions within the Congregation. She kept her thoughts to herself, almost as if she wanted us to guess where she stood, and to make up our own minds. She rarely attended conferences and courses, she liked to listen, ask questions and learn. She was very attentive to the needs of both family members and her sisters in the Congregation. Her heart always came before the timetable.

It was noticeable that she never sang. When asked why she didn’t join in, she responded that she sang in her soul. These interior songs must have been beautiful and led her into a silence which enabled her to read the signs of the times, so that she inspired the Brazilian Vicariate to take major steps in the option for the poor. She upheld the integrity and justice found in the Gospel She left a mark on the Brazilian Vicariate both as part of an international Congregation, and in its choices up to the present day.

We remember her with gratitude and love and ‘saudades’: ‘we’ll miss her

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