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About logo

How we see the CND today

• CND is fragile; it thirsts for communication and communion
• How are we to put into practice the mission of the oats in this huge ocean, in a suffering world?
Education is faced with many difficulties and challenges…

Our inherited VALUES

The spirituality of the Incarnation invites us to take a positive view, a loving view of Jesus and the world.
A taste for life: Jesus invites us at the Wedding Feast of Cana (in John’s gospel, Ch 2); he invites us to taste the wine, to enjoy its great abundance: as Pierre Fourier said Jesus teaches us “to live and live well”.
Augustinian charity and freedom : « Love and do what you will ».


Two hands : to take care of creation, of our relationship, of Peace; to remain modest and not to be tempted to act beyond our means.
• The hands around the globe represent an attitude in favour of life. The image of the earth in God’s hands helps us to see that this world belongs God; it also belongs to all of us.
To educate is to change the world. One hand above: God’s blessing since the very beginning; the hand below: an invitation to people to help build the world by living with all in harmony.

The MEANS to achieve our vision of the future

• The prospect of peace : all 5 continents are united, this implies universality facilitated by the means of communication currently available…
• Our diversity of colours is a rich treasure…so let us listen carefully and respect this diversity. More questions are to be asked, more understanding is required of the commitment made by our sisters.
• Solidarity with all. This might begin by sitting together to listen to each other.
• The diversity of colours reminds us of the diversity of cultures we must assimilate, day after day, with our sisters in community life and with the people of the world…
Borders are beginning to open and could open further…


The wide-armed Cross protects and supports daily life on our planet.
• The Cross at the center of the logo, the vertical arm: the Creator, The Trinity, prayer; horizontal arm: sister, brother, the world; these dimensions must intersect.
• The Cross at the centre tells us that the world will only be renewed when Christ becomes a reference point for all.
• The blue Cross at the centre shows us that all sisters turn to Christ, source of all our choices, thoughts and decisions. When we have difficulties to face, it is the Cross which becomes “the answer to all our questions”.

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