Projects 2017 : What about ?

Projects 2017 : go, make him grow !

Good teaching conditions, teacher training, different ways to discover and tranmit faith are the aims of the projets the Congregation presents this year

The new St Peter Fourier School at Joli Site (Kolwezi)

In 2017 the Projects Office received a total of 91 715 €, which allowed us to finance all the projects proposed at the beginning of the year: in DRC Congo, 38 000 € to complete construction work on the new school at Joli Site and 27 100 € to build a new school fence. In Vietnam: 7 920 € to provide after-school activities for boarders at Da Lat School, and for furnishing and equipping a classroom at the school in Da Teh.

The Congregation advanced some urgent funds amounting to 37 500 € to repair the collapsed ceiling at Juhudi Technical College. Your donations in 2017 will allow us to recover some of these costs.
We wish to express our deepest gratitude to you all for committing with the Congregation to this great ambition to provide education!

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