Lay persons and Sisters journeying TOGETHER

Lay persons and Sisters journeying TOGETHER

We wish to journey TOGETHER: Sisters, Associates and all Co-Workers who contribute to the mission of the Congregation (schools, parishes, families, friends).
We yearn to drink from the same spring (spirituality and charism) which revitalises and re-energises us all.

A number of Associates shared their views with us after their international meeting in Zalaegerszeg (Hungary – 2013):
“Whichever country we are in, we all journey with the Sisters of the Congregation in sharing a spiritual, fraternal and apostolic life.
We are rooted in the Gospel and nourished by the testimonies of Peter Fourier and Alix Le Clerc, passed on to us by the Sisters. The testimonies hold treasures full of promise for us, in both our personal commitments and our involvement in the mission of the Sisters.
It is important for us to work together, locally and nationally, to determine our society’s pressing needs, in accordance with the spirit of the Gospel, of Peter Fourier and of Alix Le Clerc.
The charism of the Congregation which is all our inheritance must be passed on and we wish to help with this. Our local needs, cultures and commitments all vary greatly.
We would like to develop our collaboration with the Sisters at local, national and international levels, striving to be what we want to be and live as we want to live.”

Associates are active in Africa: Republic of Congo, Republic of Cape Verde, in Latin America: Brazil; in Asia: Vietnam and Hong Kong-China; in Europe: Belgium, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland and Slovakia.

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