How to knit a small angel for the Crib

How to knit a small angel for the Crib

When Jo was staying with Lawrence & Patricia Trender, our associates, she went to their church and found her crib there. She noticed that above the crib there were two paintings and an angel had been hung from the painting. A good idea thought she so she created a pattern for an angel that could be hung above the crib.

Cast on 20 sts
Next row (K 1 inc in next st), 30sts Sts 7 rows
K4 K2tog K2 K2tog K10 K2tog K2 K2tog K4 26sts
Sts 5 rows
K3 K2tog K2 K2tog K8 K2tog K2 K2tog K3 22sts
Sts 5 rows
K2 K2tog K2 K2tog K6 K2tog K2 K2tog K2 18sts
Sts 5 rows
K4 K2tog K6 K2tog K4 16sts Sts 4 row
K2tog to end 8sts Face colour
Sts 2 rows
K2 increase in next 4sts K2 12sts Sts 5 rows
Hair colour 1 row
P 2tog to end 6sts K 2tog to end 3sts

Cast on 20sts K 1row
P 2tog P to last 2 P2tog 18sts K2tog K to last 2 K2tog 16sts P 2tog P to last 2 P2tog 14sts K 1 row
P 2tog P to last 2 P2tog 12sts K1 row
P 2tog P to last 2 P2tog 10sts Sts 5 rows
K2tog to end

Arms /Hands
make Cast on 6sts
Sts 6rows
K2 ins in next st K3
Sts 5rows

Knit all the pieces.

Sew up the back leaving the two hair strands and one face colour inside.

Turn right side out. Pulling the hair strands through – brings the head.
Stuff the head and sew round the neck.

Push pipe
cleaner through two rows below neck To make a angel who will stand on a picture frame.
Cover a thin stick with a piece of white material

Gold Dress add gold thread after 3 rows 1row with gold Sleeves Add gold to casting on only.

Place the covered stick inside along the back seam and stuff. Make two little cuts in the card base and fold up. Put the fold to the wood and pull the dress over the cardboard. Work it until the row of gold is showing evenly.

Fold in the ends of the pipe cleaner so that the length of the angel from fingertip to fingertip is the same as her height.

Cut a small piece of thin wadding and wrap round pipe cleaner. Wrap the knitted hand piece round and sew up.

Sew up sleeves and slip on to arms and sew to body.

Make hair by wrapping wool round hand and sewing through.

Make a halo by wrapping the end of the gold pipe cleaner round a fat pen or small round object.

Wind round neck.

Place wings on back bring the gold pipe cleaner over to hold the wings on. Continue round the waist and link into the pipe cleaner to secure the wings and tuck loose end behind the wings.

Place the stick behind a picture on the wall and the angel will sit on the frame.

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