God leads me on his loving way

God leads me on his loving way

Final Professions of Minh Chau & Diem Chi

Diem Chi writes: Sunday August 14th 2016 was the day I celebrated my Final Vows in the Congrégation Notre Dame. That was a wonderful day because I was surrounded by my Sisters, my family, my professors, my friends, my colleagues and my young friends. Their prayers and their presence strengthened me and encouraged me to say: “Forever I commit to follow Jesus on the way of chastity, poverty, and obedience, and always to be ready to serve the young people so that they will attain salvation in Jesus Christ”.
Another thing that encouraged me were the responses given by Sisters Cécile and Thanh Nga. Their words made me feel that I am very special. I am a unique sister in this loving Congregation. And thanks to their words and their promise to accompany me, I feel very confident to go anywhere to serve our educational mission, to “faire Le grandir”.
Looking back over my lifetime until now, I am very happy because I see that God always goes with me and leads me on His loving way so I realize that my life is a small Bible which is full of God’s marks. Through my parents and my family, I have known that God loves me as I am unconditionally, imperfect and sinful though I am. Through the Initial Formation in our Congrégation Notre Dame, through the loving atmosphere in the communities, through the examples and teaching of older sisters, gradually, I have found out who I am: my strengths and my weaknesses, my “bright and dark” sides. This enables me to grow in my relationships: with myself, my Congregation, the Church and with God. And through my teachers, my friends and my young people, I have learnt that they are gifts God sent me to accompany and teach me His lessons.

So I am very happy to be a Catholic. I am very happy to be a CND sister and I am very happy to be a little daughter of God. And I hope that I can be faithful all the days of my life. Please pray for me!

Cécile Vũ Quang Diễm Chi

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