Nouvelles de la Slovaquie

Firstly, thank you to all the sisters as I know that together we are united in this difficult time.

For starters! When I learned that schools would be closed, I have to admit that I was pleased! At last, I’ll be able to do all that cathcing up: read some books again and new ones in peace; I will do a few spiritual exercises at home, prepare things for the children’s First Holy Communion, visit sisters, etc.

I was not yet fully aware of the seriousness of the whole situation (although there is still a good situation in Slovakia regarding numbers of infected people.)

Gradually, as the news began to filter in, I had to be more careful and I started to take the situation seriously. I stayed at home alone. Sister Marta is still in the hospital, where visits are forbidden. I had to make a schedule of my day.

I spend most of my day working for the school. My teaching has shifted to email communication with children and parents. Since I teach small children  I usually communicate with they parents. I send them exercises every week and they send me back answers (text, drawings, various projects, photographs …) During Lent and Easter, we tried to live a home church liturgy in families, to be united in family prayer in our homes and to be part of the universal church. (The Church here in Slovakia and the world Church together with the Pope.)

Many of our teachers also teach using Zoom. Our  teachers also  communicate via Zoom (meetings, conferences …)

There is great cooperation amongst catechists too: sharing materials, various videos, catechesis), which was not the case before.

We are also embracing parents in our outreach; they’re part of our apostolate now.

I am also lucky to be able to visit The Divine Word Missionaries‘ every day and receive Communion because public masses are forbidden. A group has been formed here where we can send mainly messages and requests for help and prayer if someone needs it.

I also try to help one old lady with her shopping and visits.

I have joined in a prayer chain recently formed where we pray for the sick, the elderly, paramedics and especially for sisters  in parts of the world where situation is most difficult.

I try to communicate with my sisters over the phone as often as possible..

And what about my initial plans? The apartment is tidy! The flowers on the window sills and the balcony are blooming; yes, books are unread, spiritual  exercises still to be experienced, but our children and parents are looking forward to receiving new and interesting tasks.

I think of each of my sisters and join in regular prayers at 15.00. We pray the Crown of God’s Mercy, Rosary, Holy Mass online, adoration online and I also when I go to the church every day.

With love,

Sr. Sabinka. 

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