Nouvelles de Da Teh

March in 2020 was the peak time of Coronavirus all over the world.
On the one hand, we all are good here in Đa Teh. Coronavirus does not impact much to our lives. On the other hand, we feel pity for the poor farmers who are impacted significantly by the Coronavirus. They planted a few things but the prices dropped dramatically during these days. For example, Ethnic people in Đa Teh mainly rely on cashew. They have a good harvest this year but the price declined sharply. It is a difficult time for them.
As sisters, we received gifts from benefactors, so we can help several people during these days. We bought rice, eggs and so on to share for those who need it.

Our students are back to school on Monday, May 4th. Thus, sisters together with parents cleaned school and arranged furniture following the social distancing rule. This is a highlight of ethnic minority as well as majority parents there. They are always willing to the appeal of the school in which their children are well educated freely (especially for those who are poor). Those who cannot present physically contribute beverages.

In the school closure time, we had chance to relax by reading and gardening. We considered this as a precious opportunity to save energy for the “sprint” after the pandemic.



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