LA JOIE DE LA TERRE – Our Common Home from S. Maria Liskova, Slovakia

LA JOIE DE LA TERRE – Our Common Home from S. Maria Liskova, Slovakia

Vers le chapitre 2020

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1. The sisters and most of our students attending know something about Laudato Si´ .
2. We are keeping track of the international activities of Pope Francis to do with to protecting “our Common Home”.
3. Considering the fact, that we are working with young people in schools and outside schools, we believe it’s important to spread and deepen the ideas of the protection of natural environment through Laudato Si‘. Most especially, we must focus on Chapter 6: Ecological Education and Spirituality.
4. We plan to deepen the our understanding of Ch. 6 and to get to grips with what integrated ecology and creating an ecological culture mean; we want to look at freeing ourselves from the technological paradigm that predominates in today’s society and to understand what is a right understanding of anthropology; we want to study in depth the culture of relativism.
5. In practical ways, we support and encourage everyone to recycle their garbage at home and at school, reduce waste and implement the many forms of recycling.

Kontajnery na separáciu odpadu – sorting different types of waste

blue – paper; green -glass; yellow – plastic

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