La joie de la mission – THE JOY of EDUCATION – Mrs Liễu

Joie de la mission THE JOY of EDUCATION – Mrs Liễu

Mrs Liễu – Teacher at Việt Anh Primary School, Đạ Tẻh, Việt Nam

Vers le chapitre 2020

The joy in education is the desire to go to school to teach students to become good people; teachers understand the situation of each student, are close to them, and respect each student. If students feel, at school, teacher is a second mother, they will obey and study more attentively. Especially for those children with disabilities who are very naïve and who look forward to school time. Whenever they learn a new letter, their teacher feels extremely happy and wants to progress each day.

The joy in education is also working in an environment where employees and teachers always unite and love each other; leaders always respect the opinions of subordinates; every teacher has the spirit of learning, and desire to share what she knows with the others. This brings the teachers closer to one another and strengthens their attachment to the school.

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