LA JOIE DE CROIRE – Thanh Tâm – Việt Nam

LA JOIE DE CROIRE – Thanh Tâm – Việt Nam

Vers le chapitre 2020

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“Since I believed in God, I have stopped worrying. God’s grace has helped me; it’s revitalized me, and increased my endurance and my happiness.”
These are Anne Lê Thị Kim Ngọc (51 years old).

When she was 19, Kim.Ngoc began to experience recurring bouts of fever, headaches and vomiting. She saw a doctor but he didn’t diagnose what was wrong with her. By the time she was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the brain, it was too late. She also had a ruptured blood vessel which affected her eyesight and left her paralysed from the waist down. She has been like this for 32 years and her 80 years old mother is her carer.
For several years, Catholics have been visiting her and encouraging her. When she was 33 she became a Catholic. Despite her situation, Kim Ngoc is still “happy, and accepts God’s plan for her.” For several years CND postulants have been coming to see her, and have got to know her. When they visit they read the Gospel to her. They say, “each visit to her strengthens our own faith as we set out to follow the Lord in religious life.”

Thanh Tâm – Việt Nam

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