LA JOIE DE LA TERRE – Morada do Sol -Erechim – RG

Vers le chapitre 2020

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Life springs forth from the earth…the oy of the earth is when we focus on the One who loves and takes care of it…
It’s urgent to highlight the importance of indigenous and native cultures, of alternative medicine, and of the inherent wisdom of indigenous peoples in their relationship with nature. We cannot remain indifferent to the way the environment is being threatened by an economic system whose sole purpose is profit at any price.
One of the ways that we try to conserve water is by using rainwater to clean the pavements, water the plants in car tyres converted into containers and by maintaining a kitchen garden where vegetables, herbal plants, flowers and other things are grown. A variety of seeds are sown in the ground. A group of students doing story-telling have learnt to use car tyres to grow veg., flowers and other things. We’ve also use solar panels to economise on energy in our house.
Biblically, we find the Psalms and the other texts, many references to nature in the prayer.
We’re also happy that lots of people are organising themselves to save the earth and the environment…the word of Yahweh is just and his creation is worthy…He loves justice and righteousness. As Psalm 33, 4 & 5 sings: ‘Yahweh’s love fills the earth.”

A prayer
‘Lord, the earth and world belongs to You. I feel your presence everywhere. You are in my heart, I am all yours and I thank you and I marvel at what springs forth from the earth and nature and it’s together that we will take back, recover, our Holy Mother Earth. Amen.