Connect school networks to an international network

Encouraging and consolidating the networking of schools in every country where we work is a will of the Congregation and soon .... Connecting these networks in an international network: the visit of the Pierre Fourier Foundation - Alix Le Clerc (FPFALC) in Brazil was a first step in this direction.

Last March from 4th to 18th, the governing body of our French schools and our sisters toured the 6 CND schools in Brazil. They form the Alix Network (Rede Alix) which started in 2015. The ‘Alix Network’ is made up of the following educational establishments: Our Lady of Hope (Porto Alegre), Madre Alix and Our Lady of Morumbi (Sao Paulo), The Sower and Jacob’s Well Schools (Juazeiro do Norte) and the Sedes Sapientiae Institute (Sao Paulo).
The network enables us to respond in a small way to the educational needs of Brazil. Joint management has meant that once again the schools and the Institute are singing off the same hymn sheet; they have developed a way of working, found a creative energy, and now have the means to put into practice the educational charism of the CND:
to welcome all ‘whether rich or poor’;
to use teaching and learning methods which engage the students in their own learning, where the student is the ‘actor’ and the teacher the one who facilitates the learning;
to train the teachers;
to build a community of learners which offers an educational model ‘outside the box’ with a spiritual dimension…

You can view their site in our Network Space.