Associates in Hong Kong

« Learn how to love God and the others »…
« Share the love of the Lord with others
so that they can get to know him »…
these are some of the reasons why our friends in Hong-Kong became associates:

“I, Rosa, hope to become enriched spiritually, by listening to the Word of God and coming to a deeper understanding of it, and thus become capable of serving the Lord and helping others to receive him.”

“It was Sr Jacqueline who brought me, Daniel, into the Church. In her I could see patience and love. Another Associate, Peter, introduced me to the Group of Associates of the CND so that I could get to know Sr Jacqueline’s Congregation. Peter and Sr Jacqueline are two people I admire: I want to follow their example and, through the Group of Associates, learn how to love God and other people.”

“I, Ivis, hope for a deeper understanding of the spirit of our two Founders; I want to develop my spiritual life and serve others in various ways.”

“Following the example of Mary and the teachings of the Church, I, Ivan, wish to be a faithful witness to God and his Son, and to serve others.”

“I, Peter, wish to move forward in my life of faith, put into practice the teachings of Christ, serve my neighbour and let the Spirit of Christ shine out.”

“I, Pui Fan, am very happy to be part of the Group of Associates of the CND. Through this community of love, I want to convey the love of the Lord so that others may know it.”

To be an associate means “to live in the spirituality of the CND and to share its mission. Peter Fourier and Alix Le Clerc cannot separate these two strands: ‘We should see people as they are, or better, as they could be, not as they should be’: this is spirituality and mission together. So ‘For a new world, go, make Him grow!”

Today there are around fifteen Hong Kong Associates. They meet every month and choose a different charity project every year. They are currently organising a pilgrimage to a Marian shrine in China.
They devised their own logo : a CND cross against a background of symbols representing the city of Hong Kong: a traditional junk, the Peak, Convention Center and HSBC Tower!

They say : “The cross which we share makes us true brothers and sisters.”