What is your mission ?

On the evening of Sunday 22 May 2016 the Sisters responsible for vocations in the Vicariate organised a meeting for young people entitled “What is your mission?” 200 young people attended the meeting: they came from the group Feu d’Amour (Fire of Love), from Don Bosco House, the Boarding House for ethnic minorities, the Dalat Taizé group, the neighbouring parish – Du sinh – and other parishes in Dalat. Tố Nga started proceedings with a talk: “How to live happy and fulfilled”. She made us realise that God has entrusted each one of us with a mission to make the world a more beautiful place, by giving us faculties and potential. Our responsibility is to go beyond basic needs and tackle higher, more demanding, requirements, fulfilling our mission and living happy in this world.

Thu Phuong and Thuy Huong then gave a presentation about the journey Peter Fourier and Alix Le Clerc undertook to fulfil their mission. The Sisters of Our Lady walk in their footsteps to pursue this mission wherever they are in the world.
The Sisters then suggested we discuss the following questions:

   1. 1. You have just been told about the journey of two ‘young people’ from the 17th century. What is your journey today ?

   2. 2. Would you like their mission to become yours?

The young people asked lots of questions, the most frequent being: “How do I find out what my mission is in life?”

This was the Sisters’ reply: first you must pray and discern. Come close to the One who knows you better than you know yourself to discover what he wants of you. Then become fully involved in different sectors of society: these commitments will help you see the signs of the times and find out what you must do to “make the world a better place”.