Ongoing Formation

Life is a dynamic force, always on the move; religious life too. That is why, following Jesus, we are all called to formation: spiritual formation; management training; formation of forming communities.

The purpose of spiritual formation is :

- to develop an intimate relationship with God and to become rooted in the Word of God and prayer,
- to follow Jesus of Nazareth in our everyday lives, paying close attention to the world around us,
- to develop freedom in the spirit of St Augustine: cultivating our gifts that they may bear fruit in community and fellowship, and in our mission,
- to prepare to take the three vows – poverty, chastity, obedience – as the driving forces behind our service to the mission,
- to learn and develop a sense of family.

The aim of management training is :

- to seek out the skills and competencies of each Sister; to call on and place our trust in them;
- to instil a sense of responsibility throughout the network of those who lead our service to the mission of the Congregation of Our Lady;
- to connect training in specific skills with spiritual formation.

In the formation of forming communities :

- we search together; we need each other. Each of us is simultaneously a source of support to and a demand on the other.
- we want communities that are open and centred around God, where each member has a place; communities that always look to our educational mission.