I learned to “discern in order to be free”

        Thu Hien FAS Group


        I followed the training in Spiritual Support (FAS) organized by the Jesuits at the Center Spirituel du Châtelard in Lyon. This training lasted five months.

        With all my heart, I say thank you to the Lord for this training. I am very happy. It is a great Grace that I have received. It allowed me to grow in my personal experience: spiritual and human growth.

        First I discovered that the Lord is present in the difficult moments of life, and that it is beautiful. He gave me a lot of good things, as I always looked in fear at the events of the past. The Lord invites me to come out of this past to welcome life. He asks me to change my outlook on myself. The grace of the Lord is always greater.

        In addition, in this training I learned to “discern for being free" ; I try not to let myself be influenced by the outside. In discernment, there is always an area of ​​uncertainty (the risk of the future remains). The story is not over: what is God's desire for me? I also realized that this desire is too often hidden by my own will. It helped me learn the inner freedom to decide while accepting an area of ​​uncertainty. This gives me the strength, the confidence and the courage to assume a responsibility of formation.

        At the heart of discernment, spiritual combat exists; so, how can we live this fight? This training made me realize that I am not alone in this fight. God is always with me. In spiritual combat it is necessary to be anchored in prayer in order to decide on my choices in faith. It is the place that allows me to grow in faith.

        In my opinion, these five months at Châtelard were like a long retreat, which led me to ask myself the question: what is the place of God in my life? Formation has given me the means to welcome the mission that is asked of me with joy and hope. Therefore, I feel ready for the mission. Difficulties no longer scare me, on the contrary, the Lord encourages me to trust him, and trust in myself. It is also a call to share my experience with young people in the future.

        Finally, I would like to thank my Superior, my Vicar, the Sisters of the Community at Grands Champs, the Sisters of the Abbey in the woods and all the Vietnamese Sisters who helped me, accompanied me and encouraged me to participate in this formation.