A Common Fund at the service of all

Saint Augustine tells us: “You read… in the Acts of the Apostles (ch4): 'they had everything in common' and 'each was granted in proportion to his personal needs'”…

Interdependence, mutual aid, taking into account the needs of each one, this is the lifestyle that we want to promote and live concretely in the societies where we are established.

Our common fund is the translation into action of this desire: each sister, each country contributes according to its resources. The young people of the schools and the friends of the Congregation join in this pooling to allow mutual support, the circulation of capital and to guarantee that they are invested where the needs are and the dynamics that bring life.

For 5 years, the Caisse commune has been financing educational projects and development initiatives of the CND.

Build and develop welcoming and aesthetic educational places:

  • Construction of the Phuc-Xa Kindergarten - Viet Nam 2014
  • Extension of the Lubumbashi school - DR Congo 2014 and 2015
  • Development of the “Jacob's Well” school in Juazeiro do Norte - Brazil 2016

Library, Refectory, Games library, Toilets

  • Six new classes for Kolwezi elementary school - DR Congo 2016

Maintain an enrollment of 55 students per class

  • Construction of the new Saint Pierre Fourier Kolwezi school - DR Congo 2017
  • Equipment of a class in the school of Da Teh - Viet Nam 2017
  • Rehabilitation of Mandeleo 5 school (850 students) in Kolwezi - DR Congo 2017
  • Refectory for the children of the Semeador school in Juazeiro do Norte - Brazil 2018
  • Rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Juhudi high school and the primary schools of the City in Kolwezi - DR Congo 2019
  • Equipment of a computer room in the school of Da Teh - Viet Nam



Building a community that educates:

  • Training of teachers of the school network in Kolwezi - DR Congo 2017 to 2019
  • Youth facilitator training for the Juventud Caminhos de esperança project - Brazil 2019

Respond to the vocation of each human being:

  • Growing Up Together, Youth of Ethnic Minorities in Dalat - Viet Nam 2015

(Multiple informal education activities: music, modern languages, outings, etc.)


  • Accompany the journey of faith of the children of Dak Nong - Viet Nam 2017
  • Reach out to young people from the peripheries; "New Horizons" projects - France 2019



Promote local initiatives

  • Library and computer equipment of the Center d'Aide Juridico-Judiciaire de Kolwezi - DR Congo 2014
  • Animal and Plant Production - Mukula Kulu - DR Congo 2019



Places of fraternal life

  • Renovation of Senec's house - Slovakia 2019
  • Rehabilitation of the boarding school at Lycée Mwanga - DR Congo 2020