The network of schools in Vietnam


1-Location of schools and student hostels

vn network 001Diocese Phat Diem : brotherhood of Kim Son

Ban Me Thuot Diocese : Dak Nong community

Diocese Da Lat : community of Da Teh and Da Lat

Xuan Loc Diocese : community of Phuc Xa

Saigon Diocese : 9 communities: Regina Mundi, Vicariate, Scholasticate, Novitiate, Postulancy, Aspirandate, Ai Linh, Dung Lac, Suong Mai.

Diocese Long Xuyen : community of Thanh An and Rach Gia




2-Educational activities

  • Sai Gon: four hostels accommodate 61 students (Hong An, Binh Minh, Dong Lac, Anh Linh)

Goal: to provide a safe, convenient and financially accessible place for female students from the provinces coming to study at HCM Ville; to offer training in human and spiritual values, with the desire to see them grow in maturity, virtuous and competent, with a deep faith.

Activities: Formation for community life and sharing of responsibilities; conflict management ; management of time, property and money. Recollections, retreats, spiritual sharing. Human formation, in the values ​​of life, accompaniment, encouragement to participate in choirs, catechesis, youth meetings, Catholic chaplaincy. Organize visits and support for people in precariousness.

vn network 002

  • Can Tho The focus of THan Han -

In 2009, we, the sisters of the CND, arrived in the region called the Mekong Basin to “make a new house”: the home of Thạnh An. We welcome secondary school students there, residents of poor countryside, who have come to follow the 'Public secondary school. The objective is :

- to offer these young girls a valid educational environment; to help them grow and fully develop their personality both in terms of the life of faith and of human life. At the same time, to guide them in their studies and professional orientations, preparing for their entry into university or their entry into life, so that subsequently, they become strong women, useful to their families, to society and to society. the Church.

- to contribute to missionary work on the spot, especially in the field of education in the faith, discernment and the growth of each person's vocation.




vn network 003The “Sương Mai” Kindergarten already existed before 1975, suspended its activities after the fall of Saigon, and resumed them in the year 2000. Currently, we have 170 children (including 70 autistic, aged 20. months to 8 years). The staff is 42 in total, including 3 Sisters of Notre-Dame.

The “Phúc Xá” School was founded in 1996 in Long Thành, district of Đồng Nai province. Currently, 8 sisters run and teach there, with the collaboration of 22 colleagues, in 10 classes, from 3 to 5 years old. A total of 370 children, including 60 with autism.

The purpose and spirit of both schools was originally to care for and educate kindergarten children. However, with the difficulties of time, autistic people increase in number. Some have made progress and our two schools have won the trust of parents. So that the school must always invest more in premises and in the training of teaching staff - the specialized education sector - to help autistic children integrate into the community as soon as possible.

Caring for the education of Kindergarten children, especially those with autism, requires a lot of love, patience, optimism and hope. We hope that all the sisters of the CND unite in our thanksgiving offered to the Lord, the Virgin Mary, our Founders, and pray with us, so that Sương Mai and Phúc Xá remain faithful to their mission and to the charism. of the education of the Congregation. 



vn network 004 Đạ Tẻh is a mountainous region located 165 km from SàiGòn. There live ethnic minority communities. They belong to the Châu Mạ, K'Ho, Tày, Nùng ethnic groups. Almost all of them make a living from planting cashew trees, coffee trees and harvesting forest products ... Almost all of the children do not have access to a good education, and leave school very early because of the poverty, famine and the custom of early marriage.

The private primary school “Việt Anh” was created by the parish priest in 2012, and passed to the direction of the Congregation since 2015. It was designed to offer children of minorities free education and a favorable educational environment. to their growth - comparable to that enjoyed by the “Kinh” (majority Vietnamese).  

Since 2015, we began our mission there with a small community of 4 sisters. There were about 50 students in 4 classes. For the 2019–2020 school year, the number of children increased: more than 105 children in 5 classes, and more than a third belong to ethnic minorities, in free boarding. Being in class with the Kinh helps them to speak Vietnamese more fluently, and therefore to assimilate the lessons more easily. In addition, they benefit from more continuous human training, a certain art of living which gives them more confidence, adaptation and more advanced integration into the Vietnamese Kinh environment.

The only private primary school in the whole of Lâm Đồng province, run by Catholic nuns, it is a challenge for our congregation. After 3 years of presence, we feel that our methods and our pedagogy are better and better received by the local population.

The support of our benefactors, like the accompaniment of the sisters of the Congregation, is a solid support on which we can count. Through the difficulties at the beginning, we remember the stalk of oats, the hammer and the cradle in Mother Alix's vision. All of this helps us to believe strongly that what we plant today in Đạ Tẻh will sprout and grow, thanks to the care of God.

vn network 005



vn network 006The “Ánh Linh” heart school was founded in 1990. At that time, it was located on a very poor swampy land with underlying ailments and plagues ... An area populated by unhappy children who are sellers of small items for the subsistence of the family, most of them homeless, with no hope of going to school. From the beginning, we wished :

  • Give all these children and adolescents the chance to go to school, to provide them with a minimum of basic knowledge, a certain degree of culture, and to prepare them for some profession.
  • Give them a human formation based on the five classic Virtues for life in society: Humanity - Loyalty - Good manners - Intelligence - Fidelity.
  • Offer young people the chance to learn the values ​​of life, to be useful to the family and to society.

For this, we are ready to welcome : all young people without discrimination as to religion, with or without a fixed abode, from poor families without the possibility of schooling, from immigrant families, reconstituted…; street youth, without families or orphans, victims of various social scourges, 9 and 10 year olds who have never had the chance to go to school.


Currently, the school has 9 classes: all primary and the first level of secondary, a total of 1 students. At the end of secondary 240st level, the school helps them to finance their studies up to the bac and university. We also finance the snack for primary school children, and about 1 students from poorer families for lunch at the school itself, as well as for the uniform, books and notebooks ...

In addition to regular studies, the children do different types of work: group activities, teamwork, reading, etc. Sex education classes, vocational guidance sessions, extracurricular activities (cooking, cooking, etc.) are also organized for them. judo, music, English, end of year camp…), meetings with volunteers from other more affluent schools, celebrations at traditional festivals… In addition, we organize free sewing lessons (making clothes) for people in difficulty seeking a job to earn a living.

vn network 007

For almost 30 years of existence, the Ánh Linh School has been able to prepare many generations for their entry into life. Many have obtained their post-university professional diploma… We can see that what we had sown in the past in the hearts of our children has produced their fruit. They are ripe to take responsibility in life.

We are convinced that God “always works” to carry out his work, and that it is thanks to the generosity of many friends and alumni that we can fulfill this mission of “making Him grow”.




vn network 008   In addition to the human formation provided in our primary and secondary schools as well as in university courses, we also participate in catechesis and in the formation of catechists, also in the choir, in the 16 parishes where our communities have joined. : Xóm Lách, Regina Mundi, Ba Thôn, Vô Nhiễm, Khánh Hội, Thuận Phát, Mẫu Tâm (Saigon); Thái Lạc (Long Thành); Thạnh An, Rạch Giá (Thạnh An); Don Bosco, Du Sinh (Đa Lạt); Đạ Nha; Thiên Hoa, Hòa Thuận, Bon S'rê (Đak Nông).


The joy of being involved in the proclamation of the Good News is based on Our Lady's invitation addressed to Mother Alix: “Make Him grow”. We are determined to make Our Lord grow in the land of Vietnam as in the world ...

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3-An integral education for all

In Viet Nam, state schools do not welcome or support children with autism. 

At Phuoc Xa school, the kindergarten welcomes 32 autistic children or 10% of the students, most of them boys. These are integrated into the classes and can benefit from special support lasting 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week by one of the two psychologists. They can also go to the room of silence and meditation, under the gaze of Christ "Good Shepherd".

However, eight children who are slower to develop and who have significant delays in learning to read and be independent are accommodated in a specific class. Some are over 6 years old and a particular pedagogy is implemented to allow them to enter elementary school. One or the other will continue their education at the Ánh Linh School (Alix).

Here everything is done to allow an integral education of the children. We try to learn to become independent from an early age. The educational project is supported by the entire educational team regardless of the religion of each.



4-Teacher training


vn network 011Goals :

• Help the nuns and their collaborators, educators involved in schools, student hostels, parishes,

• Transmit / share the educational spirit of the Founders of our Congregation,

• Train in the techniques necessary for the practice of education: listen and dialogue effectively, method of work, reflection,

• Create a network for the mutualisation and sharing of experiences between sisters and collaborators, between all those who work in the works of the Congregation,

in July 2018, the Vicairie of Vietnam organized a resourcing session in Educational Psychology. The Sisters of Notre-Dame, their Associates, teachers and collaborators of several works of the Congregation participated.

The session lasted 5 days, with the following topics: The reference values ​​of the educational mission according to the spirit of the Founders of the Congrégation Notre-Dame; effective listening and dialogue techniques; the methods of constructing thought for pupils and students. 


vn network 012

During this session, the participants had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, to exchange their experiences as teachers in different environments, at different levels. It was also a good opportunity for all, coming from different regions, to forge friendships, to share with each other the concerns and concerns encountered in their educational mission. Participants and sisters took part in the prayer vigil around the theme “Follow the educational impetus of the Congregation of Notre-Dame, to grow together”; a time of silence to meditate on the meaning of the educational vocation to which each one is called by collaborating with the nuns of Notre Dame. After the session, each participant testifies that he has acquired knowledge and techniques; beyond that, he "allowed his heart to open more to new relationships, to make himself more sensitive to the needs of the educational mission, in this country of Vietnam today". 




 5-Teachers' words

If I stay in this school, it's because I feel good. There is brotherly love and real solidarity among teachers.
I appreciate the very family atmosphere. I am not Catholic but I am attached to this school.
I love the smiles of the children and their progress.
I have to learn to control my emotions because I cry with them, but I also like to laugh at their reaction and share their findings.
As a Buddhist, what I experience with the children in the school is consistent with the teaching I received. I am useful to everyone.
What has changed with my old school is that I am paid by the sisters and not by the parents. This makes it possible to treat all children the same. I pass on to children everything I have in my heart. We are a beautiful family with colleagues and sisters.