To chapter 2020

This year in Lubumbashi, the rainy season was slow in coming; it started very late. It was very hot, up to 35 degrees. Normally the rains start in late September - early October. This year, it only started to rain in Lubumbashi in December 2019. Indeed, we have deforested a lot all around the city, either for the production of charcoal, which is used for cooking, or for construction, the city of Lubumbashi having grown. However, through the mechanism of precipitation formation, trees promote rain, and therefore also water and life. When the rains started in December, everyone was happy. In community ; we decided to educate the children of our schools so that each class plants a tree before the end of the rainy season, during one of their school trips. The Alfajiri (Aurore) community in Lubumbashi.