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French Version

Dear sisters,
We come to share with you our experience, our joy in believing and hoping in God who has answered our prayers. Some time ago, we met a couple in deep crisis because they had no children. They had been married for 9 years, yet without much desired children. According to the doctor, something impossible (the ovaries of the woman being blocked).
Before us, Catherine opened her heart with abundant tears, and she asked us to pray for it. Every day and intensely, we began to pray for them. And the Lord answered our prayers! In the tenth year of their marriage, God gave them a beautiful and healthy son, James. We are all aware that this is the child who is the fruit of prayers. And it fills our hearts with great joy. See and taste how good the Lord is.

English Version

Dear Sisters, we come to share our experience, our joy of believing and our hope in God who answered our prayers a little while ago. Recently we came to know a couple plunged into deep crisis. Having been married for 9 years, they were desperate to have children but the doctor said it was impossible as the woman's ovaries were blocked.
In tears, Catherine opened up to us about suffering and asked us to pray that she might conceive. We prayed ardently every day for this intention. And the Lord heard! In the 10th year of their marriage, God gave them Jacques, a beautiful and healthy boy. All of us know that he was the fruit of our prayers. Our hearts are filled with great joy. Taste and see that the Lord how good is the Lord.