Pray for 15 days with Alix Le Clerc

by Sr Marie-Alexia Nguyen

Alix Le Clerc (1576-1622) founded with other young women and with the support of Pierre Fourier (1565-1640), the Congregation Notre-Dame in the Duchy of Lorraine, then independent from France. With this 15-day prayer with Alix Le Clerc, discover how, touched by the material and moral poverty of these little girls left to their own devices, the future nuns opened in 1598 the first free school for girls in France, in Poussay, in the Vosges. Centered on the development of the person - more broadly than on his intellectual training - these schools developed an innovative pedagogy for the time. These institutes multiplied in France and many others abroad: Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia ...

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