The pride and hope of a dignified and prosperous Africa

Sharing Evelyne and Marie-Judith who are finishing their training course at the Songhaï center in Benin.

SONGHAÏ, a long-awaited dream which finally came true with our arrival on January 13, 2018 at 16:00 p.m. in PORTO NOVO

But what is Songhai?

A training center which took its name from a powerful and flourishing West African Empire in the 15th century. This prestigious name immediately signifies to the members of the Songhaï center the pride and hope of a dignified and prosperous Africa. It aims to give back to Africans the values, attitudes and skills that have made the luster of this brilliant civilization. The Songhai empire shone thanks to its strength of conviction and dialogue.

The initiator of this center is the Dominican priest GODFREY NZAMUJO. Nigerian, he did all his studies in California.
Starting from dissatisfaction with the situation of his African brothers, Father Godfrey Nzamujo wanted to change things. He dreamed of an ideal, and gave himself a vision coupled with a firm conviction. He also convinced others to adhere to this vision and made it an innovative project (cf. his book: “Songhaï - When Africa raises the head” ed. Of CERF Paris 2006).

Created in 1985, in the Republic of Benin, the Songhaï Center opened its doors with a very small number of young Beninese out of school (6), and the support of a group of African friends revolted by the low level of development of the African continent. and anxious to restore dignity to Africa.

Today, Songhaï has become an incredible local development initiative such as: training centers, farms, credit unions, cooperatives, assembly and catering chain, recycling workshops, production of renewable energies, agro-food processing, etc. Nothing stops Songhai!



The formation of human capital is at the center of this integrated system that is Songhaï. From this point of view, the center primarily welcomes student farmers from Benin for a period of eighteen months. It also welcomes other individual trainees or groups from several African countries and Madagascar for capacity building according to the vision of Songhaï.

As far as we are concerned, we have benefited from a special program - "SONGHAÏ LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (" SLA ") - designed by the director and his staff. This training aims to train" ambassadors "who will reproduce the Songhaï model. in their African countries of origin in order to help the populations to take total responsibility to escape poverty and food dependency.

What have we experienced?
When we stepped on the floor of the Songhaï center and saw the sign presenting the integrated system applied by taking up the famous formula of the chemist Lavoisier: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed", our first feeling was joy: joy to see a large-scale achievement made by an African priest; but we also felt fear: would we be able to apply all this when we returned home? As the training progressed, we told ourselves that our dream too would soon come true. For that, we needed an “activator” who gave us action strategies. When we thought of our unexploited land in NDL, MUKULA KULU, and other plots under construction, we asked ourselves: how are we going to develop them so that they benefit the Vicairie and the Congolese population?
The choice of subjects for our projects is part of the answer to our concern:
  • Project I: "Production of local fruit juice and taro biscuits"
  • Project II: "YES WE CAN agro-ecological entrepreneurship training center" in K'zi

Mango processing work

Mango processing work

We cannot end this sharing without expressing our gratitude to you, our sisters of the Generalate and the Vicairie of the Congo, for having trusted us and allowed us to live this rich and fruitful experience. Our thanks also go to Father Lavigne for having recommended us to the “5th promotion SLA” and to the entire management team for our supervision.



Evelyne ANAKEKA and Marie Judith MUJING