The partners in Hong-Kong

“Learn how to love God and others”…
"Communicate the love of the Lord
so that others know it ”…
this is what the new partners in Hong Kong are looking for.

“I, Rosa, through listening to and deepening the Word of God, hope to enrich myself spiritually to be able to serve the Lord and thus help others to welcome him. "

“I Daniel, Sister Jacqueline, made me enter the Church. In her I saw patience and love. Peter (another associate) introduced me to the CND Associates group so that I could get to know Sister Jacqueline's Congregation. Peter and Sister Jacqueline are people I appreciate: I want to follow their example and learn through the Associates group how to love God and others. "

“I, Ivis, hope to better deepen the spirit of our two Founders, to deepen my spiritual life, and by different means, to serve others. "

“I, Ivan, following the example of Mary, through the teachings of the Church, I want to be a faithful witness of God and of his Son and to serve others. "

“I, Peter, hope to be able to progress in the life of faith, to put into practice the teachings of Christ, to serve neighbor and to radiate the Spirit of Christ. "

“Me Pui Fan, I am very happy to be able to be part of the Associates of the CND. Through this community of love, I want to communicate the love of the Lord so that others know him. "

Joining as an associate member, "is live the spirituality of the CND and share its mission. With Pierre Fourier and Alix Le Clerc, we cannot dissociate the two: 'To see people as they are, or better as they can be, not as they should be' is both a spirituality and a mission. So, 'For a new world, go, make Him grow! "

The Hong Kong Associates are about fifteen. They meet every two months and choose an annual charity event. A pilgrimage to a Marian shrine in China is currently being planned. They created their logo: the CND cross against a background of symbols of the city of Hong Kong: a junk, the Peak, the Convention Center and the HSBC tower! They say: “The cross which is common to us makes us truly brothers and sisters to one another. "