Become a Sister of Notre Dame

by Rosette Ngeta Mandinga

"My name is Rosette NGETA MANDINGA. I have been in the Congregation since October 2OO8.
I made my final profession a few weeks ago.
I would like to share with you very briefly what my experience has been as a temporary professed at the mission of Saint Anne in Kinkondja. In this mission where I first worked as an accountant; then manager and finally as cashier; every day I started work at 7:30 am and finished at 14:30 pm.
My experience has taught me that it is to the periphery that we must go to better discover our mission: that of being with the poorest; the sick ... who need us more.
Their reality fueled my prayer and helped me to discover through them the suffering face of Jesus.
My joy has been to see the sick recovering their health, to share the word of God in community and in youth movements and to collaborate constructively with the nursing staff of our hospital. "

NGETA rosette