Some thoughts on the definitive commitment

by Marie Minh Châu

Before 2007, I didn't think I would become a nun. During all the years of my initial formation, I always sought: “is my identity to be a nun of Notre Dame? ". When I encountered trials due to my limitations and weaknesses, I worried: could I live this vocation? And sometimes an idea crossed my mind: "I'm going to go back to my family."

Reflecting on and writing up my request to make my definitive commitment was the opportunity for me to re-read my life and the journey of my vocation. For two weeks I had to discern and make the final decision. Finally after 8 years in this vocation, I really felt that I belong to this congregation. Now, although knowing my weaknesses, my limits, I realize a little more the mystery of my vocation: "It is not you who chose Me, but it is I who chose you" (Jn 15,16). This choice of the Lord gives me the courage to follow him all my life, with love and surrender to his love.


I experienced the love of God, the fraternal affection, the love of my family, so close and so warm throughout the Eucharistic celebration of my definitive commitment. When I was kneeling at the foot of the altar, listening to the name of our Holy Founders in the litany of saints, my heart quivered. When I sang the Suscipe, song of commitment, and when I signed my name on the profession sheet, I felt that I was loved. It is the Lord who gave me the strength to profess publicly and who took me by the hand to sign; from now on, it is He who will guide me in the development of my vocation; he will give me people to accompany me, love me and support me in this following of Christ. At the end of the Eucharist, with emotion, we thanked our family from the bottom of our hearts, all those who made us experience that we are loved and who accepted us as we are. A thank you also addressed to the Congregation, to all the sisters who helped us to discover our personality, to recognize the hand of God in our life and to live happily in our vocation; thank you also to our teachers, friends, partners… everyone's presence is a gift; it is like the trace of the feet, of the hand of God to lead me and make me experience his love and his providence.
For me, the final commitment is only a start for an adventure with difficulties and new trials, forcing me to be more mature in order to accept responsibilities and new missions; it is also an invitation to an even more decisive and faithful commitment to my vocation. But I am sure that whatever I do "You grabbed my right hand, you lead me according to your views" (Ps 73:23): the Lord supports me and keeps me in his arms.

Marie Minh Chau