Prayers for today

Prayer to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si

Laudato Si 'teaches us that this world is not a place for people to own and exploit, but a place for people to live and collaborate creatively with all species.

Thank you, God, for the wonderful gift, the world You have given to us

pray today 2020 1

Lord, we praise you for creating and allowing us to live in this wonderful world of creation. We bless you Lord because every morning we can breathe the fresh air, hear the birds chirping and admire the sky and the beautiful landscapes that surround us. All is well, and you want us to live brotherhood together to preserve creation. Unfortunately, we have destroyed the good relationships and as a result nature has been destroyed.
Mother Nature cries out in her distress.
Lord, please open our hearts so that we can hear this cry of anguish and henceforth live more harmoniously with nature, respecting it as we respect our own life.

God our Father, We praise you for the beauty of creation.
We are truly sorry for our consumerism and wastefulness.
Grant us the wisdom to care for the Earth.
Breathe your Holy Spirit on us; help us to know how to respect and to protect all the things that you have made for us.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.

pray today 2020 2