The Congregation of Notre-Dame in China.

In 2016 we wrote the following “Our project for the years to come: to leave Hong-Kong and develop contacts with China. In 2018 an event in Hong Kong inspired us more about this project. It was the Inauguration of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.
A bridge to link several places together, to facilitate communication and transport between Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China, and above all to bring people together. A 55 km bridge with a tunnel under the sea. It is at the same time the longest "sea-crossing" and the longest link (link) on planet earth! (For more details you can go to Google!).

So we stain"to be a bridge" :
  • Between young people in difficulty and the most capable (Superyouth camp)
  • Between China and Hong Kong: renovation of churches, seminars and courses ...
  • But above all between the Lord and all those around us who seek Him.
Some bridges are already a bit stable, others need to be consolidated, others to be built and created. As Cécile reminded us in her Christmas letter.

"How right our 'Good Father', Pierre Fourier, is to keep telling us:
They will stain ...

“BEING BRIDGED” between young people in difficulty and the most capable:

The "Superyouth Camp program"

The first "competition" started in 2014 at the initiative of Maria Choi, who organized a training camp for young people who suffer: from low self-esteem, absence of meaning to their life, of a low intellectual level (with a low level of academic achievement), and 'from being computer games addicts'. But the program also recruits young people capable of stimulating those who are more passive.
A young teacher from Macao, Samuel Pui, is ready to help with this project. We then decide to develop a program with him for young people aged 16 to 26 coming from Canton, Hong Kong and Macao: 10 from each place.
Six prizes will be given to those who have made the most progress between before and after camp. The program includes: adventure training, psychology lessons and voluntary service. The duration of the camp is 4 days, in August.
To win this award, participants must complete the entire “training”, write a reflection article that will be published in a journal and organize a volunteer service between September and December. The team that has shown the greatest spirit of collaboration during the camp will obtain a special certificate.
After developing the formation program, we invited the vice-director (assistant manager) of the Don Bosco Study Center to organize and promote the camp.
For the recruitment of participants: Samuel for Macao, Maria Choi for Hong Kong and S. Lam for Canton. For finances, we count on the benefactors and to thank them, we offer a mass for them during the camp.
Our 1st Superyouth camp was a real success. We wanted to renew it every year.
In 2018, for Superyouth Camp's 5th anniversary, we brought together participants from previous years for a day trip to share the progress made and together give thanks to the Lord for supporting us in this desire to help young people to to grow, to find a direction in life and to develop their capacities. We also thank the "elders" who returned as volunteers to help the following camps.
Our joy to see a transformation in our group:

• The young teacher from Macao has asked to join the Catholic Church and his baby will also receive baptism;

• A student from Canton who was completely lost in his studies when he attended our camp and who after receiving the "Superyouth Camp Cup", became the leader of the camp. Now he is 18 years old and chose to join “E-commerce innovation” competition for students from China and won the 2nd prize. He heard the Lord's call and told his bishop that he wants to enter Seminary after his university studies.

"BEING BRIDGE" between China and Hong Kong

through the work of decoration of liturgical spaces of churches.

Paola has just completed three projects:

  • two in China,
  • one in Hong Kong: a chapel of adoration to the Blessed Sacrament.
For these churches and this chapel, his main work was to draw the sketches of the stained glass windows and the mosaics, as well as the furniture of the liturgical space: the altar, the ambo, the crucifix, the tabernacle, lighting etc.
Along with interior design and sacred art work, Paola gives courses and seminars to lay people and religious in both Hong Kong and China.

Church of the Sacred Heart, Taiyuan, China.
Church of the Sacred Heart, Taiyuan, China.

Beijing Cathedral, China.
Beijing Cathedral, China,
(Mosaics by Paola)
Chapel of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
Chapel of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,
Church of Ste Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux, Hong-Kong

"BE BRIDGE" "between the Lord and all those around us who seek Him.

Hong Kong hosted two major international congresses in 2018:
• “Pilgrimage of Trust & Reconciliation” by Taizé in August. As the housing issue is always difficult in Hong Kong, we offered to host one or two participants. This is how we welcomed a young person from Romania.

• From 22 to 26 November, Maria Choi participated in the 11th World Chinese Biblical Congress. More than 160 participants! We have set the goals for promoting Bible reading, but how to proclaim and share God's Word effectively for the millions of Chinese speaking people who are waiting to be inspired and guided by the Word of God which is not reserved to scholars only?

And be a bridge with our Associates?

For the year 2018 dedicated to young people, our Associates are eager to learn more about the educational charism of the different religious congregations. Instead of giving them a presentation on this, we suggested dividing them into groups. Each group presents a different Congregation: Jesuits, Salesians, Franciscans… Paola and Jacqueline present the CND.
A very rewarding experience!

We suggested the same method to prepare the pilgrimage to Macao that we did together in October: each participant was responsible for being the "guide" for the church of his choice and preparing the prayer that we will do.

Good method to continue!