Initial formation

How does initial formation take place in the Congrégation Notre-Dame?

Get in touch with a sister (or sisters) of the Congrégation Notre-Dame who welcomes you and lets herself (s) be challenged by your experience and your expectations in different areas:
- area that concerns you personally: you, your way of being, your experience, your relationships ...
- area affecting your Christian faith: basic Christian education, prayer alone or with others, your relationship to the Church ...
- area affecting your request for religious life: your vision of apostolic religious life, of the Congregation, your concrete questions before entering a period of formation ...

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The year of postulancy: "Come and see"
1 year maximum

This first year will help to clarify your request and to better perceive your real expectations.
Your desire for commitment to religious life opens up a new path for you, where professional life, life with the sisters, personal prayer and together, but also questions, dialogue, reflections will allow you to begin your journey that will last your entire life. A sister will accompany you.
Depending on what you are and what you live, human, biblical, professional training and / or other commitment will be offered to you from this first year.
At the end of this period, you will enter the Congregation.

Young people plays a play for their sisters

The years of novitiate: "Here I am, Lord"
in 2 years minimum

From your entry into the Congregation and throughout your formation, you will be accompanied by a sister, mediator between God and you. The only formator is Jesus Christ. Your training will be what you make of it.

This initial formation in apostolic religious life leads to the following major themes:
* Know me in truth and accept me as the Lord accepts me ...
* To be in search of Jesus Christ: interior knowledge, prayer, sacramental life, formation ...
* Living with sisters
- on the roads of the world following Jesus Christ: fraternal life, apostolic life
- in the Congregation Notre-Dame
* Live the vows as dynamisms to walk towards the Kingdom.

In many countries we participate in times of formation with other congregations. This makes it possible to have an openness in exchanges and prayer with sisters and brothers from other congregations. The deepening and the part specific to the Congregation are approached within the framework of the novitiate.

The other year, the emphasis is on commitment at the international level with a stay abroad in one of the countries where the sisters of the Congregation live.
At the end of these two years, you commit yourself by pronouncing your first vows for three years.

The years of temporary professed towards perpetual profession
3 years minimum

"Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will."

To live your life as a sister of Notre-Dame to the best of its ability, it is necessary to go into various fields: relational, human, educational, professional, religious, ecclesial… It is never finished. Our life is a permanent formation at the service of the Kingdom which continues well beyond initial formation.

Young people in training in Vietnam

The end of this training is marked by the final vows in the Congrégation Notre-Dame.

This commitment is not only yours, but also that of the Congregation towards you: the sisters who have gone before you on the road and those with whom you will live the same enthusiasm in following Jesus Christ.

If Mary was the first to follow her Son and to make a sign to us, our founders Alix Le Clerc and Pierre Fourier (16th-17th centuries) left us a beautiful heritage rooted in the Word of God, inviting us to live by spirit of Saint Augustine.

The door is open to you. Push her. You will discover with us.