Become a sister of Notre-Dame

by Evelyne

"God is faithful and He is never wrong in His purposes."

I am Evelyne Anakeka Kisaka. Congolese, born into a family of ten children where I come in third position, eldest of the girls.

My family is Catholic and my father is a catechist in the village.

From childhood, prayer has always been our shield: God is the father who loves and expects from us only a response of love.

  The Christian formation received throughout my primary and secondary studies, my commitment to the Bilenge ya Mwinda (young people of light) movement helped me to deepen my faith and to discover my religious vocation. So, without delay, at the end of my cycle of humanity in Biology-Chemistry option, I entered the convent of the Claretian sisters on October 12, 1987. In 1998, I was sent to Belgium as a missionary and in the year 2000, I left the Congregation of the Claretian Sisters to return to the world. But the Lord did not leave me alone; He put friends on my path who welcomed me. Among them, my spiritual director and a sister of Notre-Dame, Chanoinesse de St Augustin in Brussels. During this period, I studied at the Lumen Vitae University in Brussels, then in August 2002, I left for the Central African Republic (CAR) to work as a trainer of catechists in a diocese until 2007.

  Looking back, I can say today that my departure for the CAR was providential.
Through all that I have lived and known there, Providence has enabled me to rediscover "the faithful God who is never wrong in his designs". In short, to rediscover my first vocation as a nun.

  My adventure in RCA is "Chemin de Jonas". I think you all know the story of the prophet Jonah. The CAR was like the boat for me that took Jonah away from Nineveh: a way of escaping the mission of preaching the goodness of God.
On this escape route, I carried out my own project that God did not approve of because He was keen on his project on me. I then realized that the Congrégation Notre-Dame was "the open door" by God to make his project of love for the world a reality. If I had gone back to Congo, I might never have come to such a conclusion. I can say here with the psalmist that "the ways of God are not ours".

  After this discovery, there was no longer any reason holding me back on Central African soil, it was time for me to leave. I left everything: the employees, friends and relatives and orphans of RCA (whom I will never forget); car, home, work, and others ... to "say yes to the Lord". In 2008, I was admitted as a canonical novice in the Congrégation Notre-Dame, Chanoinesse de St Augustin. In the joy of my second call, I saw my donation to the Lord in service to the community, to the parish, to the prisoners and in prayer.

  Thank you to each of you for being a brother, sister and friend.

  This is the summary of my little story punctuated with signs of the presence of the Lord.