Congregação de Nossa Senhora Conegas de Santo Agostinho


Where are we and with whom?

In Brazil, the Sisters of Notre-Dame are ...

Involved in the school system:

public or private schools; of the Congregation or other congregations; from kindergarten to university education.

Engaged in centers of alternative educational and cultural activities:

within the congregation or other institutions; for example: the Sedes Institute (Sao Paulo), the Saint Augustine Center (Erechim), the CEEP / Paudalho, the Itinerant Team (Amazonia), the Educational Association “Livro em Roda”, and others.

Invested in many areas:

Pastoral, in religious, biblical and theological training centers; in basic ecclesial communities (CEB), in parishes (catechesis, liturgy, prayer groups, pastoral and coordination teams, reception of pilgrims).
The sisters are also involved in popular movements and organizations, which defend public services and human rights (Landless, homeless movement). They are involved in advice, scientific, literary or artistic production; health ; welcome and prayer; support activities in schools, prisons and other institutions. Within the framework of the CRB (Conference of Religious of Brazil), they bring their competence to the organization and animation of Religious Life.


Our history...

In 1597, in Lorraine, during Christmas night, Alix Le Clerc and 4 companions consecrated themselves to God; it is the birth of the Congrégation Notre-Dame (Chanoinesses de Saint Augustin).

Supported by Pierre Fourier, Parish Priest of Mattaincourt, they want to do “all the good possible”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Congregation established itself on other continents. In 1906, the Sisters Saint Victor, Saint Ignace, Marie Gabrielle, Germaine e Patricia, who came from Belgium, faced a long crossing of the “Ocean Sea” and founded the first house of the Congregation in São Paulo / Brazil.

The Congregation grew, welcoming young Brazilian women eager to continue Alix's mission. Following the path opened by Pierre Fourier and Alix Le Clerc - “To be useful to all and not to harm anyone” - the sisters let life and creativity spring forth; today they are present in various states of the country: Amazonas (Manaus); Maranhão (Lago do Junco); Ceará (Juazeiro do Norte e Fortaleza); Paraíba (João Pessoa); Pernambuco (Recife); Brasília (Federal District); Goiás (Goiânia); São Paulo (Capital and Santos); Minas Gerais (Cambuí); Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre and Erechim).
After 100 years of presence in Brazil, a new project is under consideration: the creation of a community at the crossroads of three borders: Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

The essence of what drives us: “Do whatever Christ tells us”

Do everything Jesus tells us: an ideal that is both unattainable and exciting to energize a whole life; a challenge for anyone looking for something other than a routine and tasteless life; the one who wants to live his life in a dynamic always creative. To do everything that Jesus tells us is to follow him in this quest to grow and make others grow, to promote the emergence of a world of fraternal and just relationships, to build here and now the Kingdom of God.