Pierre Fourier, Alix Le Clerc ...

… Two great spiritual people, seized by God and open to the realities of their time!


Their experience of God, lived in apparently very different routes, is found in the same intuition, the very keen awareness of the realism of the Incarnation. Familiarity with Jesus Christ taught them how God looks at man.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is always present to them. She gives the child to Alix. It prepares at Cana, the reception of the Word and the revelation of its Glory.

Both desired for the Congregation of Our Lady the Augustinian Rule of Life, the emphasis on freedom in charity and on interior dispositions - desire, humility - which broaden the heart and are expressed in a way of approaching the the other by creating "a space for god", in the words of Saint Augustine.

Since 1597, "new houses to practice all the good that one could" have multiplied. The Congregation Notre Dame, born at Christmas 1597 in Lorraine, is today present in 12 countries.