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Allo Diocese # 5: Marie Paule Dubart

January 9, 2017 - Feast of Alix Le Clerc in Mattaincourt

Bye bye Orly

After five years at the Interfaith Reception at Orly Airport, last September I did not resume the regular presence that I had there. For me, these were great years of discovering the world of aeronautics, this particular city that is an airport. There are, of course, travelers who, often surprised to see this small office so different from the others, clearly visible in the arrivals hall of the Orly-Ouest terminal, stopped there:

listening, availability, help, even support to the counter of their airline company - stress, the fear of missing their plane are frequent attitudes among those who travel little and who do not speak French. There are also the airport staff; some are very loyal and the topics covered are varied and in-depth. In addition, they appreciate the relative silence of the place and the comfort of the armchairs; the customs officers-neighbors of my office became friends; frequent contact with the police and the gendarmerie, especially in recent years. We were always called to meetings that dealt with terminal safety, especially in recent years. It is difficult to say in a few words everything that is happening in this interfaith office:
"We can only see well with the heart, the Essential is invisible to the eyes"
said the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

However, we sometimes catch it by reading a few pages of the prayer book in the chapel of the South Terminal:

"On each trip, I go from the tumult to this haven of peace and meditation"
"Thank you to those who animate and watch over this place of silence"
"That day, in this chapel, I regained confidence"
“Protect my trip; may he help me discover other civilizations and other ways of seeing things ”.

These intentions are prayed for at Mass celebrated every day at 12 noon, Sunday at 11 a.m.

Monsignor Ravel, Bishop of the Armies and Head of the Catholic Chaplaincies of the Airports of Paris (ADP) told us during a meeting with the Chaplaincies of Orly, Roissy, Le Bourget and the "Association Notre Dame des Ailes" (Association of prayer which escapes the limits of the dioceses and the parishes and which apart from the two or three annual meetings communicates only by internet) “…. We spoke of pioneers of Aviation… it is possible that without knowing it, you keep this vocation of 'to open up new avenues both in communication with God and in communication between believing men ”.

Sr. Odile Brongniart

“Seekers of meaning”

“Seekers of meaning”, we are all in our jostled ... and jostling world ...
Find or rediscover for today values ​​that help us to live and to grow?
A team of religious and lay people invites you to meet to share questions, research, experiences and resources to give oneself.

You are interested ? Take the time to register, either by email or by calling Sr. Ghislaine (see the invitation leaflet).

An invitation to circulate around you.

The holiday season

The holiday season is a favorable time
to take a step back
and look forward with confidence and humility.

We do not accomplish in our lifetime
only a tiny fraction
of this magnificent company
what is God's plan for humanity ...

… We are planting the seeds that will one day grow.

We water seeds already planted
knowing that they contain a promise for the future.
We lay the foundations that will be developed
by other builders.
We bring a leaven that produces effects
well beyond our efforts ...

... What we sow, what we start,
what we build,
is the material of the present and the future ...
We are servants, not messiahs.
We are the prophets of a future that is not ours
and which nevertheless depends on our work and our efforts ...

Mgr. Oscar romero

Newsflash flash of St Etienne

Newsflash flash of St Etienne: "About 200 people gathered for the Eucharist, in order to surround our two sisters, Marie Patrick and Marie Martine, to give thanks with them: 75 years of presence of the Congregation in the city and the Diocese : a beautiful audience made up of former students, teachers, old and new friends, parishioners, neighborhood sisters and Notre-Dame sisters.

Give thanks… there are many reasons: the origin of the presence of the Congregation in St Etienne. In 1941, the war forced the sisters of Alsace to flee and to find themselves "exiled" in St Etienne but still keeping the same educational dynamism and creating the "Notre-Dame d'Espérance" school, still present in the district, then their involvement in catechesis, chaplaincy, children in difficulty…. Father Louis Tronchon, “old” friend of the Congregation, commented in his homily on the Gospel of the Visitation, stressing that the action of the sisters during these 75 years has only been a great “visit” in the world. of education, in the world of education “both poor and rich”, and in the world of youth and adult ministry.
"Joy of visitations
Joy of meetings
Joy of accomplishments… ”

Laudato Si

Thanks to Sr. Myriam Péan for this brief overview of a presentation of Laudato si by Dominique Lang, Assumptionist, April 27, 2016.
Ecology confronts us with a certain number of contradictions, inconsistencies in relation to the Gospel. For environmentalists, we must save the planet, convert, ally, meet. But these are Christian words used by unbelievers for the most part! They challenge us in our theology of Creation. We have misinterpreted Genesis 1. This world was created out of Love. Each creature has its place. So this world, this desire for God, you will not be able to touch! This creature is alive, it is the same mystery of life as mine. We are part of "the common house".
To create is to let yourself live, to rest from what I have done. On the seventh day God said, “I have done all I can, now yours! ".
The social doctrine of the Church is not written in stone. As scientific discoveries and social evolutions progress, it must be reviewed.
The ecological awareness started with Paul VI, (1971), then John-Paul II and Benedict XVI. François says: “We have thought about it, now we are taking action! "

The Encyclical 18-06-2015
Why is she happening at this time? François was there to reopen the floodgates. He thinks in terms of process. My responsibility? Preserve creation to give thanks to God. Praise him by nature through us (cf. the Psalms: "You fountains, bless the Lord ...").

Process overview:
1th step: Marvel : beauty of the dignity of human beings: incredible, I exist!
2nd step: Be lucid. Very impressive findings. Go to the field, listen to the people. Everywhere, we say "There is a problem of pollution in the air, in the water, social inequalities, problems of urbanization, etc ..." This is where you have to work.
3th step: Do not work alone but with the Creator. If you let go, you are lost!
4th step: An engine has induced all the causes of pollution: the paradigm
(model) techno-economic. It is thanks to him that we came out of the 2 world wars, until the 30 glorious. But, we did not put the brakes and it is the runaway systems that destroy everything! If we want to proclaim the faith, we must denounce what destroys, which is monstrous. How do I invest my money? I look "the Beast" in the face and learn to live differently. 5th step: An integral ecology because everything is linked!
Respect relationships, between people, nations, continents. (The most affected countries are the poorest).
Respect cultural property. Let every culture flourish. Respect biological goods, nature.
6nd step: Let us have the humility to dialogue with non-Christians, with the world. (The entire 1st part of the encyclical is addressed to all men of good will).

“Don't stop at great ideas. Enter the place of Mercy. If you let yourself be touched, you open something within yourself and move. What becomes feasible in you is conversion ”. (see the whole last chapter).