Permanent formation

Life is dynamic and mobile; religious life too, which is why we are all called, following Christ, to allow ourselves to be formed: spiritual formation; responsibility training; formation of formative communities.

Spiritual formation aims:

- The intimate relationship with God and rooted in the Word and prayer,
- Following Jesus of Nazareth in our reality, listening to the world,
- The experience of freedom in the Augustinian spirit: to make our gifts fruitful in fraternal communion and mission,
- A life in the dynamism of the 3 vows at the service of the mission
- The development of the family spirit.

Responsibility training for:

- discern the talents and skills of each sister; call and trust each.
- give a sense of responsibility within a network of leaders at the service of the mission of the Congregation of Our Lady;
- combine training in specific skills and spiritual training.

The formation of formative communities:

- We are looking together; we need each other. Each is at the same time, for the other, a support and a challenge.
- We want communities centered on God and open, which give their place to each; communities oriented towards the educational mission