"Go make it grow"

As religious educators, we want to work for the development and growth of the person, for our part to contribute to having his dignity recognized and to arouse the seeds of communion.

We strive, with respect for cultures and commensurate with our possibilities, to make our societies evolve according to God's plan for the world, towards more justice, truth, fraternity and peace.

Sent all over the world, we want to remain creative, in the dynamism of Alix Le Clerc, to find new paths.

We all participate in this mission, whatever our age, our health, our aptitudes.

Together we read about life in the light of the Gospel. We discover there the manifestation of the Spirit who shows us the choices to be made so that the Good News is announced to the poor.

(Extracts from Constitutions n ° 5 and 6)

Sambinha pra Alix

Sambinha pra Alix

Facam! Todo o bem possível
Façam! Crescer, amar, live
Façamos! O nosso melhor!
Os nossos 'tudo' from cada momento
a ser feito.
Small Samba for Alix

Go! Do all the good you can!
Go! Make grow, love, live!
Together ! Give the best of ourselves
Let us give "everything", at every moment; it's Alix's Samba!
A little Samba for Alix

Go for it! Do all the good possible
Go for Growth; go for Love; go for Life!
Together, let's give our best,
Our all, with every breath; that's Alix's samba.
Sambinha in Slovak:

Robte! (= umožnite!) Všetko možné dobro Robte! (= umožnite!)
Rásť, milovať, žiť Robme!
Ako najlepšie vieme Tie naše "všetko" každého momentu, aby bolo uskutočnené.